Why did you start Our Closet?

I have piles of things to donate. I’d love if I could give them to someone who wants them while contributing to a community. I also believe this is what Mother Earth would want because every item that finds a new home, is one less item that needs to be made new, and in our trash.

If you've made it here, thank you for your continued interest in Our Closet! Here are some general guidelines Our Closet is committed to following.

  1. Give more, take less or what you need. Our Closet will track how many items folks are adding to the swap. If you’ve claimed more than 3 items I’d ask if you can contribute some more items first to the swap by filling out the form again before claiming a 4th item, etc.

  2. If you're claiming multiple items, remember that it's possible they come from different people so you may need to pay multiple shipping charges.

  3. If you’re interested in giving and don’t want to deal with potentially multiple shipments to different people, you can take a picture of all the items you want to ship in one photo and that means everything would be claimed together. It would count as one item you’re contributing and the shipping cost would be more for the Getter.

  4. If you need to remove an item, please email jody@ourcloset.org.

  5. If an item has a “claimed” comment but it’s still in the folder, it may mean no payment was received so the next person would get dibs.

  6. Your full name from your gmail account will show on the items you submit and on your comments - that’s something I can’t control right now as part of Google Forms.

  7. If there are multiple photos of an item, please comment on the first photo you see of it in the drive so it’s easier to track who claimed something first. Otherwise, whoever has the earliest time/date would get priority.

  8. To add descriptions at the time, please add it to the picture itself. Or feel free to comment on the photo once the photos are uploaded so people have more context.

  9. At the time I'm writing this, Our Closet is being managed by one person so if there are issues or situations that haven’t been discussed, I hope we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I ask that we work together on a solution and I will do my best to resolve situations fairly.