Info for Getters

  • After posting at least one item to Our Closet (OC) upon sign up, as an OC member you can get any item that hasn't been claimed, and just pay for shipping!

  • To claim an item, leave a comment like “Claimed” on the photo and Venmo (@ourcloset) or Paypal ( the shipping cost with your mailing address.

  • Once the shipping cost is received, OC will generate a pre-paid shipping label and email it to the Giver.

  • You'll receive a confirmation email and a tracking ID.

  • OC will track the transaction to completion.

Shipping Costs:

$4 for small items (for items smaller than a book)

$7 for medium sized items (for most clothing items)

$10 for large items (anything heavier or bulkier than a big bag of chips!)

Never done a clothing swap before? Read more here.

The idea for Our Closet originates from a clothing swap I went to pre-pandemic. A friend invited me and we brought all the clothes we didn't want anymore to someone's home. We left with items that others had brought to give away! Our Closet is originates from this idea, but it's online, never ending, and more accessible.

To see all available items, sign up and join Our Closet